Reliable transport services since 1997

Our Vantaa terminal serves as an excellent origin and destination point for our trunk shipments, serving the Turku, Tampere, Lahti, Kuopio and Kotka areas.

Our distribution transport network provides all types of transport throughout Finland, according to our customers’ needs, punctually, quickly and cost-effectively.

Our express services are the best option when you need immediate delivery. You can order transport by phone or email and we serve Finland and the whole of Europe.

With modern screening equipment and trained and certified staff at our air cargo terminal, we offer a fast and flexible security screening service for air cargo.


For us, the customer always comes first. All our services are geared towards success and excellent customer satisfaction. Our customers see us as a solution-oriented transport company, so in addition to our extensive basic services, we always strive to solve their specific needs quickly and professionally. Feel free to contact us and we will solve it!

The right choice for your business


Jobs for over a hundred Finns

We serve you 365 days a year

ISO 9001- certified

We serve Finland and Europe

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