Kuljetus T. Laaksonen notification channel notification instructions

At Kuljetus T. Laaksonen, we are committed to acting responsibly, lawfully and in accordance with the Group’s ethical principles. It is important for us to monitor the implementation of our ethical principles in our day-to-day activities and to address any shortcomings. We have therefore created an anonymous reporting channel for our staff and third parties, which allows you to report suspected misconduct or behaviour that violates our ethical principles to us in confidence. We foster an open organisational culture where everyone can raise concerns without fear of negative consequences.

When can I use the anonymous notification channel?

You can use the reporting channel if you suspect wrongdoing or abuse in our activities, such as violations of laws and regulations, unethical conduct, fraud, bribery or conflict of interest. Please note that normal customer feedback can be provided through the dedicated feedback channels.

How do I make a declaration?

The notification channel has been implemented with an impartial and external partner, the Central Chamber of Commerce, to ensure the anonymity of the notifier. All reports are handled confidentially in accordance with the standard procedure of Kuljetus T.Laaksonen by persons trained for this task in the Human Resources Department. Other experts may also be called upon to assist with the report, if necessary, to ensure that it is handled appropriately.

Give us enough detail about the grievance so we can start investigating. The notification should not include sensitive personal data unless it is necessary for the purpose of the notification.

You can make a declaration on the internet using any smart device or computer.

How can I get a response to my notification?

You can report under your own name or anonymously. Remember to take the code you will receive after submitting your claim. The code allows you to monitor the progress of your notification in the notification portal during the handling process and to communicate with the handlers about it. We will ask you for further information if necessary when dealing with your case on the notification portal.

The declaration must be made in good faith. Kuljetus T.Laaksonen does not accept the misuse of the notification channel.

You can access the notification channel by clicking on the button below.

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