Distribution services

Customer-oriented transport service solutions

Our distribution network offers, in addition to Uusimaa, all types of transport throughout Finland and Europe, according to our customers’ needs, punctually, quickly and cost-effectively. The excellent location of our terminal in Vantaa ensures maximum efficiency of our distribution system.

Smooth distribution services

Urgent deliveries

Whether you need urgent delivery to Helsinki or a wider distribution network across Europe, you can count on us. Our terminal in Vantaa is strategically located to ensure smooth and cost-effective transport everywhere.

Examples of our delivery services:

  • Parcel services
  • Food transport
  • Temperature-controlled transport
  • Special transport
  • Transport of dangerous goods
  • Transport of radioactive materials

Our express services are the best option when you need immediate delivery. Whether it’s a short in-county trip or a longer emergency transport, we guarantee that your shipment will be picked up quickly and delivered promptly and reliably.

You can order express delivery 365 days a year and we will arrange transport to your destination without delay.

We serve Finland and the whole of Europe.

Follow the progress of your shipment electronically

With up-to-date tracking and electronic waybills, you get a smoother and more transparent experience of the transport you order. LogiControl not only tells you where your orders are, but also allows you to react quickly to changes along the route. This means that together we can ensure that your orders arrive on time, even if there are unexpected challenges along the way.

LogiControl also enables the electronic management and delivery of transport documents such as waybills and loading lists.

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