Terminal services in support of the logistics chain

We offer certified (ISO 9001) and controlled terminal and warehousing services in the immediate vicinity of the airport, with good accessibility.

Our terminal service enables cost-effective, fast and timely delivery to our customers. Our terminal service combines the flows of goods from several of our customers with our efficient trunk and distribution network. Terminal services include receiving, checking, sorting, storing, loading and unloading goods.

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T. Laaksonen Terminal services

  • Storage space of 4500 m¬≤
  • Temporary customs warehouse
  • Terminal treatments
  • Forklift lifting capacity up to 8000 kg
  • Sales packages
  • Stickers and labelling services

Terminal services with up to 8000 kg lifting capacity

Terminal services are the backbone of the logistics chain, and their high-quality performance has a direct impact on the efficiency and customer satisfaction of the whole chain.

Terminal handling is our core competence, and you can be confident that your goods will be handled professionally and efficiently. Our experienced teams will ensure that the reception, inspection, sorting, loading and unloading of goods run smoothly. Our forklifts can lift up to 8000 kg, which means we can handle a wide range of products and offer versatile solutions for different customer needs.

Storage services

We offer high quality storage space, available up to 4500 square metres. This space is ideal for both short-term and long-term storage needs. We also have a temporary bonded warehouse, and we carry out cargo security checks.

In addition to traditional pallet spaces, we can offer other tailor-made solutions, for example for extra-wide or extra-long needs. Ask more about our sales service!

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